Harris & Day are without doubt one of the finest artistes in the country. 20 years of experience has taught them a thing or two about entertainment and they now sit in the enviable position of being not only highly sought after for their shows and respected within the industry, but the addition of 2 years as entertainment co-ordinator and bookings manager for one of the top agencies in the country means they now possess the acumen and understanding of the off-stage side of the business. They stand alone in this respect and it is just another major part of their already impressive arsenal.

One of their major skills is the effortless way they are able to switch between their shows, this is no accident, both trained in theatre studies and continued their journey as Bluecoat entertainers, then moved onto the tough learning curve of the northern club circuit, however, this triumvirate of experiences gave them the steel and fearlessness they possess today.

The intuitive reading and control of their audience has been honed through decades of experience, they understand that every performance large and small is important to the client. The fun and infectious personalities they have, along with incredible on-stage chemistry and an almost magnetic energy to get people having a great time, masks the fact that they take what they do incredibly seriously, they consider themselves to be very lucky to share their client’s special moments in life and give each event the professionalism it deserves.

From start to finish both onstage and off, Maurice and Darren set themselves extremely high standards, the eye for detail, the knowledge and understanding are keys to create extraordinary experiences through music, laughter, amazing vocals, harmonies, client service and genuine kindness and thoughtfulness.

Whatever your entertainment requirement, put your trust in Maurice and Darren, experts in celebration and event professionals.  

Harris and Day Presents... The Perfect choice.

Harris & Day


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